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Monday, May 10, 2010

Holten Grilling Tip

With summer right around the corner, it is time to think about what to serve at summer BBQ's. Holten Meats offers several choices of steaks.  Click on this link for tips on grilling. Holten grilling tips

Catalog #7 has great new sweet potato products including:
Julienne cut fries #5727
Sweet Potato Mini Tater Puffs #5728
Criss Cut Sweet Potato French Fries #5516
All sweet potato products come packaged in a 15 lb. case (5/3 lb bags) for 29.99
I will be spliting a case of sweet potatoes, what kind depends on the feed back I get from customers and what you are interested in.  The cost will be 6.80 a bag.
Sweet potatoes contain a fiber that helps regulate blood sugar level in people with diabetes.

I also have 4 cases of OtisSpunkmeyer Orange Cranberry Muffins to sell for $2.30 a case. Each case contains 24 individually wrapped muffins. These are great for breakfast on the run or for a snack.  They are frozen, so you just need to pull one out of the freezer to thaw before eating.

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