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Monday, December 21, 2009

Product Highlight

If you typically use traditional powdered or cubed bouillon in your recipes, you are in for a treat when you try Custom Culinary Bases and Gravies!

Custom Culinary products are deliciously different! Bouillon lists salt as the main ingredient, which adds a lot of sodium to your dishes and the essence of meat but cheats your recipes out of rich, meaty flavor. Custom Culinary bases are real “meat-first” bases that infuse your recipes with robust flavor. They are the perfect first ingredient for homemade soups, and the flavorful finish for creamy mashed potatoes. Add Custom Culinary bases with the water to boost flavor when you cook rice, pasta or potatoes.

Not only do the flavor and nutrition far surpass that of other products on the market, but the reliabilityof Custom Culinary bases and gravies is impressive. Since they are manufactured for the foodservice industry, you know you can count on them for excellent results every time.

Here’s what one of our AP Area Coordinator’s had to say about Custom Culinary: “I am so glad to see that we are offering the Custom Culinary soup bases again on the catalog. Alison's Pantry sold these years ago and they are the best soup bases that I have ever used!I rub the Beef Base (#1039) on a roast before cooking it and it makes the roast so good. I also use the Ham Base (#1388) when making ham and beans.”—Colleen Willden, Utah Area
-Kim Henke
• Real Meat Bases •

Authentic beef, chicken or ham flavor shines through with this meat first, no MSG added base. Ideal for producing authentic meat flavors in sauces, soups, and other signature dishes.

Real ‘Meat First’ Chicken Base, 16 oz., yield: 5 gal..........#1038.... $6.39
Real ‘Meat First’ Beef Base, 16 oz., yield: 5 gal..................#1039.... $6.49
Real ‘Meat First’ Ham Base, 16 oz., yield: 5 gal.................#1388.... $7.79
Read more on page 31 in catalog #2

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